4 section electric profiling bed

Profiling bed at Treworgans Farm Holidays

Treworgans Farm Holidays provides FREE USE of our electric profiling beds to our self catering holiday guests. We have two beds meaning we can provide one in each cottage.

The beds allow for several adjustments to be made,

  • The height of the bed can be raised or lowered
  • The head end of the bed can be raised from the horizontal position to a sitting up position
  • The foot end of bed can be raised as well as the knee

The profiling bed can also be fitted with bed sides (cot sides) that can be use to give added safety.


To complement the profiling bed the option of a foam pressure mattress or dynamic air pressure mattress can also be provided.

The clinically proven Softform Premier ActiveCARE mattress offers a ‘Very High Risk’ high specification static surface. Should you require stepping up to a dynamic surface, a discreet pump can be fitted to the air insert, transforming the mattress into an alternating surface, delivering additional levels of pressure relief.

To complement the profiling beds and air mattresses, we are also able to provide both ceiling hoists and electric portable hoists, numerous shower chairs including assisted, self-propelled and tilt-in-space versions.


Recently we have also added two Sara Stedy stand assists and also a Stand Aid.

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